ADE school needs your help to install solar panels and ICT for the children of Thiaroye.

About the project:

This project aims to help a small community school called ADE (Avenir et Dévelopement de l’Enfant) in the ghetto of Thiaroye, Sénégal.

By installing solar panels, the primary school will be able to overcome its expensive electricity bills and use this money for further resources.

Due to its extensive electricity and rental bills, the school is often on the verge of closing down. The school’s closure would remove any possibility for primary education for the poorest children of Thiaroye, as the only other primary schools in the area are private and thus expensive.

The installation of solar panels would also allow the school to use air-conditioning during the heat season. In summer the classrooms get extremely hot and make it difficult for the students to concentrate in class. Often the teachers have to take the children outside because of the heat. Some students even fall unconscious.

Furthermore, the project aims to create a digital classroom. This will not only allow the students to become familiar and study with computers, but it will also allow the teachers to widen their resources, materials and projects. ADE also aims to use the digital classroom for the benefit of the whole community: IT classes, health seminars (e.g. about AIDS), English language classes, and alphabet classes for illiterate women and young girls; so this project will allow this school to have some financial autonomy.


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